Native American Culture

14 June 2017 admin Comments Off on Native American Culture Travel Tips & Advice

Across the United States, an effort is continually made to preserve and share the storied and often tragic history of Native Americans in North America.

Indigenous cultures on the continent have thrived for thousands of years, and visitors have the opportunity to learn about them by viewing exhibits, visiting living history museums, attending events, exploring ancient sites and talking with Native Americans. Here is one premier place in the United States where you can experience Native American culture.

National Museum of the American Indian

The first national museum in the United States dedicated solely to Native American heritage, the National Museum of the American Indian, highlights over 12,000 years of history across more than 1,200 indigenous cultures. The museum features one of the world’s most expansive collections of American Indian arts, artifacts, in addition to photographic and media archives. Permanent exhibitions delve into native religions and ceremonies, as well as native communities’ contemporary struggle for identity. Located on Washington, D.C.’s National Mall in a curved limestone building designed to represent a rock formation, the NMAI regularly hosts cultural festivals, concerts and symposia. At the museum’s Mitsitam Native Foods Café, visitors can eat indigenous and contemporary cuisine from across the Americas such as tortillas and buffalo burgers.

Image 1 – Outside view of the National Museum of the American Indian


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