Native American Culture – Part 2

20 June 2017 admin Comments Off on Native American Culture – Part 2 Travel Tips & Advice

Cherokee Heritage Centre – Tahlequah, Oklahoma

In the foothills of Oklahoma’s Ozark Mountains lies the 18-hectare Cherokee Heritage Centre, dedicated to preserving the culture and artifacts of the Cherokee tribe. Walk through Diligwa, a living history exhibit that depicts a 1710 Cherokee village and allows visitors to experience craft-making demonstrations, storytelling in addition to daily life in the early 18th century. Next, visit the centre’s representation of a late 19th-century rural Cherokee village, Adams Corner. There is also the Trail of Tears exhibit, which delves into the forced removal of Cherokees from their ancestral lands in the 1830s to what is now present-day Oklahoma. The centre also offers cultural classes that promote traditional Cherokee arts, such as pottery and basketry, and holds annual art shows featuring traditional and contemporary Cherokee works.


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