New York City Taxis

2 November 2016 admin Comments Off on New York City Taxis Travel Tips & Advice

Even though it might seem like the logical way to travel, taxis are the bane of logistics in New York. They are over priced and often the driver won’t know how to get to your destination. The main roads are often grid locked too so if you are in a rush, it would be wiser to take the Subway. The subway is much cheaper and is relatively easy to navigate, especially if you familiarize yourself with the routes before you get going. The are of course exceptions, like late at night. If you must take a car try an Uber – they are about 20% cheaper than taxis and will have the driver come to you using GPS. Even a Citi Bike ( would be a quicker and more economical way than taxis in the city. So travel smart and avoid the cliches.


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