Northen Mariana Islands

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Come to the Mariana Islands for endless ocean views and endless ocean fun.


The Northern Mariana Islands are an easy warm-weather escape northeast of Guam. Once you’re on the islands, you’ll have to face decisions such as whether to sunbathe on a beautiful beach, try your luck at a casino, play golf with dazzling views of the Philippine Sea or go scuba diving in a World War II shipwreck. Of course, you could just do them all.


Start on the sand – specifically, the blazing white shoreline of Micro Beach in Saipan, popular among locals and visitors alike. Then, head to the many, many others offering lush tropical scenery and a whole range of activities. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s always cliff jumping, cavern dives and night diving.


Northern Mariana’s resorts and country clubs are more than just sleek beach fixtures; they are gateways to the territory’s vibrant outdoor life and urban spirit. Resorts arrange hikes to hidden villages, banana boat rides and cliff fishing. Take a windsurfing tour or tee off at one of the golf courses.


The Islands have many stories and rich past in the form of the indigenous Chamorro culture, which is very much alive everywhere you look. Archaeological sites, prehistoric stone structures and small villages engage you with people, past and present. Spring and summer’s San Vicente Fiesta and San Antonio Festival introduce you to Chamorro and Carolinian food, dance and music.


History buffs will also find the Northern Mariana Islands a trove of exceptionally preserved World War II buildings and posts, including a Japanese lighthouse, bunkers, jails and an abandoned airfield. Banzai and Suicide Cliffs can also be found as showcasing of the character of the Chamorro people.
Where are the Northern Mariana Islands? The islands sit 3,700 miles west to southwest of Hawaii. Near the islands, lies the Marianas Trench, the deepest ocean depth known at 35,810 feet deep.


Fun fact: Since the 1500s, Northern Marianas has seen Spanish, German and Japanese rule. During World War II, the Northern Marianas islands became a war zone, with U.S. and Japanese soldiers fighting each other. After the war, the island became a territory of the U.S.




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