Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

26 July 2017 admin Comments Off on Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor Travel Tips & Advice

To many visitors, Oahu conjures up images of Mai Tais, dramatic sunsets and sandy beaches. However, it’s also home to one of America’s most iconic and historic sites, Pearl Harbor. And that is home to Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. As “America’s Aviation Battlefield,” the museum provides a stunning visual narrative of aviation’s role in the history of the Pacific. TripAdvisor calls it “One of America’s Top 10 Aviation Attractions.”

The Museum is home to two WWII era hangars, which survived the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Ford Island Control Tower. The hangars and surrounding tarmac still bear the scars of the attack in the form of bullet holes, strafe marks and bomb craters.

With 48 aircraft on display, including the instantly recognizable Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and its nemesis, the Mitsubishi Zero, the 1942 Stearman Biplane flown by President George H.W. Bush and the remnants of the “Ni‘ihau Zero,” which crash landed on Ni‘ihau Island after the Pearl Harbor attack. Among the other aircraft on exhibit are some of aviation’s most iconic military aircraft, like the B-17 “Swamp Ghost” Flying Fortress, F-15 Eagle and AH-1 Cobra. From propeller planes to the jets of the Korean War and the Vietnam War, the Museum offers a compelling visual timeline of aviation history as advancements led to faster and deadlier aircraft.

After taking in all the exhibits, you can indulge your aviator fantasies by climbing into the cockpit of the Museum’s combat flight simulator and trying your hand at becoming an ace.

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