Puerto Rico

2 August 2017 admin Comments Off on Puerto Rico Travel Tips & Advice

Ready for an island getaway? Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, offers an exciting blend of old and new, from the walled, colonial city of Old San Juan to modern, luxurious resorts. Outside the capital of San Juan, visitors can explore the El Yunque Rainforest or venture into the sinkholes and underground rivers at Rio Camuy Cave Park. Real seclusion can be found in Vieques, a relatively unexplored island with pristine beaches ideal for snorkeling and swimming, and a bioluminescent bay where colonies of dinoflagellates make the ocean glow.

On these sands, you can pretty much do anything your heart desires, from strolling along the shore to jet skiing over aquamarine waters. Just as beautiful is the tropical island landscape, including lush mountains and leafy jungles, home to a variety of wildlife and free-growing bananas you can pick off the tree. You can zip line, rappel, rock climb or hike through it all, pausing only to admire another surprise waterfall.

Proud of its people and prouder still of its history, Puerto Rico’s forts, lighthouses and historic areas testify to its storied past and Spanish background. World-class resorts positioned along the beaches or on the edge of the rainforests offer visitors the unparalleled luxury of exceptional service and authentic dining, all within proximity to nightlife, where salsa is king. Learn the “bomba” and “plena” rhythm dances to impress your friends back home.


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