USA – What is Halloween all about?

20 July 2017 admin Comments Off on USA – What is Halloween all about? Travel Tips & Advice

Every Oct. 31, people across the U.S. dress up in spooky costumes, throw parties and wander door-to-door for candy to celebrate Halloween.

Historically, the harvest moon holiday commemorated spirits of the dead. Over time, it has become a more light-hearted event that nods toward the supernatural, with carved pumpkins, ghostly decorations, other worldly costumes and haunted houses.

Costumes are a quintessential part of Halloween — the more outlandish, the better. Some people choose costumes that reference current popular culture icons (previous top sellers include Justin Bieber and Britney Spears). Others opt for ghoulish ghosts, vampires or zombies. Find costumes for sale or rent at costume shops or seasonal Halloween stores, or get crafty and make one—costume contests are a Halloween staple so the more creative costumes usually win. Plan for chillier weather in most U.S. cities in late October by incorporating layers of warmth.


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