BBQ’ing in the USA (Part 2 of 2)

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Date: 30/01/18


Are you a BBQ lover? There are four regions in the USA which are widely regarded to have the best bbq’d food: Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis and Texas. Here we have the second two:



What you’re eating: Pork, but whether it is wet or dry is up to you. Wet means your barbecue (typically ribs) comes with a tomato-based sauce that was added after the meat was smoked and basted. Order it dry and you’ll get barbecue that was covered with herbs and spices, like onion, garlic and paprika — called a rub — before being smoked.


Classic cut: Pork ribs and, to a lesser extent, pork shoulder are the main meats.


Bit of trivia: Chefs in MemphisTennessee, like adding local barbecue to all sorts of other dishes like spaghetti (Interstate Barbecue) and pizza.


Where to sample it: Central BBQ’s three locations in Memphis serve smoked ribs (wet or dry), pork, chicken, turkey, beef brisket, sausage and chicken wings (wet or dry). Or, for a different type of barbecue, try the barbecued bologna.










What you’re eating: What’s traditionally thought of as Texas barbecue is beef brisket smoked with mesquite or oak. However, barbecue preferences can vary wildly throughout Texas — no surprise, given the state’s size. In Texas, the focus is on the meat, rather than the sauce; an emphasis some sources credit to the state’s ranching history while others attribute it to central European butchering traditions settlers brought to the state. Rubs are more prevalent. If a sauce is used though, it’s likely tomato-based.


Classic cut: Brisket that just about falls of the bone on its own.


Bit of trivia: The movie “Chef” filmed a scene at the storied Franklin Barbecue in Austin.


Where to sample it: Proclaimed the barbecue capital of Texas by the state Legislature, Lockhart is home to Black’s BBQ, which has been serving meat cooked low and slow since 1932. It currently serves nine different types of smoked meat with its signature rub and local post oak wood. And its current pit, which is 66 years old, can hold 500 pounds of meat at one time.


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