California and Nevada Floods

10 January 2017 admin Comments Off on California and Nevada Floods Travel Warnings

Flooding in California and Nevada

Evacuations are in process due to heavy rains and flooding rivers in California’s Wine making region and east of Nevada’s Lake Tahoe.

North of San Francisco the Russian River in Sonoma County has overflowed from the rain.

The rains have been caused by a weather system sending moisture from Hawaii and have been dubbed the “Pineapple Express”.

Power and gas was knocked out to over 570,000 homes in Northern and Central California on Saturday, 7th Jan, however electricity has been restored to most of them.

One woman has died in San Francisco after she was struck by a fallen tree, due to the extreme weather.

California has been in a high level of drought for the last year and this wet winter is expected to put an end to that. Wine making regions are grateful for the replenishment of water supplies.

Currently the southern part of California still has very low water supplies.

Please exercise caution during these flooded areas at this time.


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