Chelsea Bombings

21 September 2016 admin Comments Off on Chelsea Bombings Travel Warnings

After the recent Chelsea bombings last weekend the area was left in devastation and for that night the area went into absolute panic, however, the offender has been caught. Chelsea now seems to be safe to roam. Any other terrorist attack in the US is extremely unlikely and should not be of concern, even when in New York. Luckily the 29 injured were all released from hospital, and no fatal injuries have occurred. While in Chelsea it is possible that there could be some police investigations on the scene as a result. Also a bomb planted near a charity race in New Jersey, supposedly linked to this bombing, did not detonate and failed to hurt anyone. There will be possible crime investigations taking place at the scene there as well. Security in both areas has seriously advanced and you will see much more patrolling police officers if you were to go there.


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