Destination: Alabama

9 October 2017 admin Comments Off on Destination: Alabama Travel Tips & Advice

A little bit of background on Alabama:

The famed “Sweet Home Alabama” you may have heard is more than a song. This is a land of history, culture, music and adventure from beaches to mountains. Music legends Nat King Cole, W.C. Handy and Hank Williams were born in Alabama, and artists including Aretha Franklin and The Rolling Stones came to Alabama to cement their careers. There, Gospel is sung in churches and folks dance, while Blues, Country and Jazz set the mood local bars. Locally owned restaurants dish up meals of mouth-watering barbecue and fresh seafood from Alabama’s fishing villages, and museums cover everything from Civil Rights and music history to fast cars and faster spacecraft.


Some facts about Alabama:


  • Alabama is made up of 95.1% English speaking population with 3.1% speaking Spanish.


  • The state currently has a population of 4,863,000, ranking it 24th most populated among US States.


  • The capital city is Montgomery, with the largest city being Birmingham.


  • The official state nut is the Pecan and you should be sure to try a slice of their delicious pecan pie when you go there


  • Most of Alabama operates under the Central UTC time zone which is -6/-5 depending on daylight savings.


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